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Fashion Show Designers Announced

September 13, 2017


We are excited to welcome the amazing global talent as part of Fashion Week Columbus to the Power of Women Ohio audience! Read about the various designers here! Reserve your runway show tickets today.


INDELIBLEDC by De’Andre Crenshaw. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of John Marshall High school and attended University of Toledo for College. Attended Virginia Marti College of Art and Design (VCAD).As a child, he always had an eye for fashion. In high school, he expressed himself with creative daily attire. He would get something custom made for all school dances because he wanted to be different from his peers. He branched out into the fashion industry in college, where he majored in Recreation and Leisure Studies. He became involved in BSU campus fashion shows and Culture Shock Fashion Show, a statewide fashion show between all major colleges in Ohio. He developed many talents as Scene Coordinator and Stylist. In his last college semester, he enrolled in a costume design class where he learned basic sewing skills. It
was there that he knew he wanted to pursue fashion design. VCAD expanded his horizon and skills, and in 2014 he  began to brand himself. He was involved in local fashion shows, photoshoots, and even modeling. In 2016, hr establish a brand called, INDELIBLEDC.



Moneé Pastel is an innovative self taught Fashion Designer from Columbus, Ohio. Creator of the American fashion House of Pastel. An evening wear designer with the aesthetic of modern couture clothing with the juxtaposition of cutting edge sophistication. Moneé Pastel was named by her mother after the worlds most famous French Artist Oscar-Claude Monet. Claude is known for impressionist painting and his use of oil pastel crayons (hence the name Moneé Pastel). The Moneé Pastel Autumn Winter 2017 collection was inspired by several of Claude's 1916 water lilies paintings. The paintings exhibit vivid colors, lacking black and gray tones. The artwork broke colors into individual elements capturing the atmosphere, changing lights and weather conditions. Within the MPAW17 collection the focus remains on color, textiles and different design elements. The entire fall collection consist of soft pastel colors while the signature fabrics used are faux fur, tulle, lace, taffeta, satin and silk.

Eman Idil Bare is a fashion designer and journalist who uses storytelling to bring worlds together. Her namesake brand focuses on creating safe employment for marginalized woman all around the world through fashion.


The African Accent is the brain child of Sierra Leonean born creative Salai Kamara, Who uses inspiration from her African roots in all of her creations. She has always had a passion for design, especially that which represents the beauty of African Culture. The African Accent was created because she wanted to instill the same love she has for her culture into her children.  In the past few years she has been working diligently with the help of her sister, Ami Jabbie, into making the brand a household name. The brand was started as a way for people to be able to express their love for the African Continent through wearable art. They make it possible to incorporate African pieces, especially African fabric, into every outfit.  The African Accent is a brand that strives to be multifaceted.  Their mission is to have The African Accent be represented everywhere.  From hair care products, jewelry, head wraps, handbags, clothing, home accents and the list goes on.

Amyang Fashun is a Lifestyle Brand inspired by the continent of Africa.  The brand was established in 2013 by Gayima and Sallay Kanu, sisters who are influenced by their rich West African culture. Releasing an annual collection that embodies a fusion of their style perspectives, the sister team considers trends, classic cuts, and inspirations from WestAfrican culture when designing. Each item created is a fusion of style fueled by sisterhood, the beauty in daily living and an ode to Sierra Leone. 

Amyang Fashun, pronounced I’m Young, is an African Inspired Lifestyle Brand that is for the Global citizen. Amyang Fashun designers work to create timeless style influenced by African culture and embraced by the global citizen. The design house specializes in the fusion of textiles to deliver classic styles with a unique West African flair. From Denimand Tulle to Lace and Activewear Fabrics, the offerings embody the definition of Amyang Style and Living. Each collection offers options for both Men & Women and results in a conversation that evokes a deeper understanding around the culture of Africa. 

Y.COLLECTIONS is an online shop that plans to deliver exclusive collections produced by The Yusufs. These collections will be curated collections that will be reflective of current trends meshed with the girls take from their different perspectives of style.


Inspired by their mother, their first collection is a line of gold tone every-day stackable jewelry. Having grown up with a mother who was a gold dealer, jewelry has always been a big part of their lives. A wonderful, strong, business minded woman who continues to inspire the girls every day, their mother has always been their biggest inspiration in life. They are  super excited to share their own “modern” spin on her traditional pieces.

Jasmine Alexandria Burton has been creating with scissors and material to make something beautiful for the wearer.  She is an up and coming fashion designer who graduated in 2017 from the Columbus College of Art & Design cum laude in fashion design. Jasmine’s senior collection was featured along with 5 other designers in Macy’s Easton window to show case her outstanding designs.  Her brand, “Alexandria Jay,” caters to the woman who is strong, daring and independent. Her designs are elegant, classy and her woman can be completely covered up while still being sexy. Jasmine’s line is ready to wear, but she also does custom design for the woman who want to be different and look like no other. 

Jasmine’s Power of Women Fashion Show collection will be showing one of a kind hand-beaded tailored suits and ready to wear from her “Alexandria Jay” brand online store.

“I want my clothes to empower women through fashion.  I want a woman to put on my clothes and feel like they can conquer the world, while looking beautiful of course.”

Pay Some Attention(P$A) 

A new brand that was created solely to become an outlet that promotes self-expression, and individuality. 
Adil Hassan, and Yahya Afdal, brainstormed ideas reflecting their collaborative style. Both young men yearned for a platform that would make people Pay Some Attention, hence the name. Having a desire to create clothing you couldn’t find in stores, as well as not knowing any structural fashion concepts, they went outside of the norm and developed the brand P$A. 
During this Years POW Fashion show they will be presenting their F/W 17’ Collection.  “This collection is influenced by the street roots of our brand, with an end goal to push the boundaries of modern high-end fashion”.




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